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Treatment for Snoring 

The treatment is based upon moving the lower jaw forward during sleep to increase the size of the airway. The appliance consists of 2 dental plates/close fitting shields that are connected, the upper and lower removable dental shields are worn during sleep.

The appliance postures the lower jaw forward, increasing the size of the airway at the back of the throat during

sleep giving a non-surgical treatment for snoring and mild obstructive sleep apnoea. The design and materials

used for construction of a mandibular advancement appliance can vary. We offer the most effective

laboratory-manufactured, custom devices moulded specifically to each patient's jaws.



Sleepwell (S4S)

As a soft, slim-line two-piece device it allows full lateral movement whilst retaining high levels of patient comfort and custom made accuracy . For more info visit



Sleepwell chrome (S4S)

Sleepwell fully adjustable mandibular advancement splint incorporated into a chrome-cobalt design.



Somnowell (Somnowell)

The Somnowell is the first 4th generation mandibular advancement device, made from cast chrome cobalt alloy.

This is recommended by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association and the Bruxism Association


For more information visit


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