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babies first dental visit
Family Dentistry

Every member of your family is welcome here at the Ridge Dental Surgery.

elderly couple with healthy smiles and healthy mouth

Dental care for children

We recommend bringing children to see a dentist before their 1st birthday. This helps your child to get used to being in a dental surgery and meeting our team. It allows personalized advice to help create good habits for a healthy smile. Helping to develop a good routine to help them have a healthy smile for a lifetime.

toddlers 1st birthday heathy diet
Healthy drinks like water
childrens smiles, healthy teeth

It is important to develop good habits to look after your teeth and mouth to ensure everything remains healthy for a lifetime. If you are lucky, these habits start in childhood and stay with you for a lifetime.

It is possible to develop good habits and skills for cleaning your teeth at any age. Our hygienists are extremely good at helping patients improve their oral hygiene regime to keep their mouths healthy. 

Healthy family lifestyle with regular dental visits
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