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Dental Implants

Implants can be used to support and secure a denture, changing the way you can eat with dentures, as well as giving you confidence when socialising.

Replacement of lost teeth can be achieved using implants, either a single implant, replacing a single lost tooth, or using one or more implants to secure a bridge replacing several teeth. Implants can be used to secure a denture so that you no longer need to glue your dentures in.


 They can also completely replace a denture altogether - giving you new teeth that are permanently fixed in.


In 2005 John completed the Step-Wise Dental Implant Course, training in the placement and restoration of Nobel Biocare Dental Implants and has been placing and restoring dental implants since then.


Both aesthetically and functionally dental implants here at the Ridge Dental surgery in Bristol can be used to replace teeth that have been lost. They can let you eat and chew again with no pain or irritation.

Dental implants help to maintain the bone structure and volume and help to support the facial tissues.

An initial consultation will help to identify whether there is enough bone remaining to support implants.

We have a state of the art CBCT xray machine that is able to give our dentists a 3D image of your teeth and bone. This image, combined with some of the best software available, can be used for computer guided implant placement. This allows extremely accurate placement of implants within the bone, avoiding complications and making is possible to achieve aesthetic results.

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