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Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces are a series of almost invisible aligners (very thin, hard, clear plastic trays) that are custom made to straighten your teeth. These are worn all of the time, except when you are eating. They are also taken out to clean your teeth. With our 3D scanning technology we can visualize your new smile before you start your Invisalign journey.

John Hatfield was one of the first general dental practitioners in Bristol and the UK to become certified in the use of Invisalign braces. He has been using Invisalign, almost invisible braces, since early 2005.



They are almost invisible and surprisingly comfortable to wear. The aligners apply gentle pressure to gradually move your teeth. Each aligner is worn for approximately two weeks before moving on to the next aligner. Many patients in Bristol have been fortunate to improve their smiles with this treatment.

The number of aligners required to straighten your teeth depends on how crooked your teeth are to start with.

We use various types of braces to straighten your teeth

at the Ridge Dental Surgery in Yate, Bristol.

Each Invisalign package includes:


A 3D scan and simulation of the teeth 



Vivera retainers 


Start your Invisalign Journey soon with packages from £2995


These lower teeth took 18 aligners to straighten:

Orthodontic Treatments

We use various types of braces to straighten your teeth

at the Ridge Dental Surgery in Yate, Bristol.


Types of braces:


*Clear and tooth coloured braces on the outside/lipside of the teeth. (LABIAL BRACES)
(eg Simply Smile, 6 Month Smile)

*Braces that are fixed to the inside/tongue side of the teeth. (LINGUAL BRACES)
(eg Secret Smile, Incognito)

*Clear aligners in sets to gradually move the teeth. (ALIGNERS)
(eg Invisalign, Smile Align)

*Removable braces  (eg Inman Aligner, URA, functional)


Beautiful smile after secret smile braces
Crooked teeth before secret smile braces
Secret Smile fixed braces

Secret Smile at the Ridge Dental Surgery


Lingual braces are glued to the inside (tongue side) of your teeth. These are hidden from sight and allow you to have your teeth straightened without the braces being obvious. Because they are are on the tongue side of the teeth, they may take a few days to get used to eating and talking.

Secret smle lingual braces

Six Month Smiles at the Ridge Dental Surgery

 6 month smiles, also known as six month smiles, or short term orthodontics is a fantastic way of giving you a more attractive smile.

This is a technique that has been used in USA for many years that is now set to become very popular here in the UK. Hollywood stars have had this treatment and we are very excited to be able to offer it here, at the Ridge Dental Surgery, Yate, Bristol.


You could have straight teeth in six months. The treatment time usually takes between 4 and 9 months, with 6 months being an average. This is a much shorter treatment time than traditional orthodontics.


This system focuses on the aesthetics of your smile, improving your smile without veneers.


The brackets are clear and the wires are tooth coloured so that the braces are not obvious - the young lady in the picture above has 6 month smile braces on her teeth. They are visible close up.


6 month smile braces use low forces to rapidly move the teeth, the forces used are lighter than traditional orthodontics.


Six month braces focuses on the front teeth to cosmetically improve the appearance and aesthetics of your smile rather than the position of your bite.


Six month smiles - giving you a beautiful smile, faster, now in Bristol.



"Amazing results, 100% more confident now!" CP


The treatment below was nine months of six months smiles braces treatment by John Hatfield at

 the Ridge Dental Surgery, Yate, Bristol.


Inman Aligner certified user
upper fixed retainer
Simply smile cosmetic braces certified user
Six month smles certified provider
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